Bravo Pharma believes in connected healthcare solutions. We are focused on the implementation of predictive, preventive and personalized medicine combining knowledge and skills of different countries and making healthcare accessible for our clients regardless of the country of residence.

Bravo Pharma is dedicated to international patient services, which takes care of the entire healthcare related issues and other requirements of patients and their companions when arriving to India. Our team is here to ensure personalized guidance through every aspect of treatment and to provide the most professional and personalized care to all our international guests and their families. At Bravo Pharma, we not only adhere to all the local rules and regulations, but also to the international protocols and benchmarks.

Bravo Pharma will provide you with confidential one-on-one assistance in resolving health plan issues and help you to understand your health plan coverage and patient rights. We will define your healthcare issues, navigate the healthcare system and resolve issues with your doctor, medical group or medical plan carrier.

We consider all the cultural needs of international patients and offer a dedicated service to care for our patients and visitors from all over the world.




Coordination and scheduling of medical, diagnostic and other appointments
Medical records and treatment plan coordination
Assistance for applying or extending a visa
Accommodation arrangement for family and support people
Interpreter services
Leisure, tourism and cultural information
Management of financial arrangements
Choice of the international cuisine
Regular updates on the patients progress
Personal support

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