Bravo Pharma cares for the protection and enhancement of human health and well-being on all levels. The spectrum of our activities ranges from supporting education in life sciences and strengthening start-ups in health technologies, offering novel solutions for diagnostics and personalized treatment to production and sales of pharmaceuticals.


Bravo Pharma sees its strength in combining the outcomes of different sectors and the best competences and newest innovations of all countries for the development and implementation of new generation health services, affordable high quality medical drugs and food supplements based on latest scientific research.


Bravo Pharma name relates to high quality products and services. The constant, high quality level of our products is guaranteed by following the strict regulations of drug development, validation and production. Bravo productions sites are in accordance with the quality norms stipulated by European regulations.

Our Global Presence
Our Focus

Social responsibility
Bravo Pharma believes that all companies, but especially the ones dealing with human health, have to be aware of their responsibilities in front of humanity. We understand that spreading knowledge and skills about best treatment possibilities, supporting the development of life sciences and making quality pharmaceuticals largely available is our obligation. We are fully conscious of the need to monitor the environmental impact of our activities. Our pharmaceutical factories follow the strictest norms of environmental safety. A significant proportion of Bravo Pharma profit goes to charity with main focus on providing healthcare and education to the needy and decreasing the environmental footprint of the mankind.

Targeted Cancer Therapy
Cancer is the common name of more than 150 diseases, each of them needing special diagnostics and treatment. The same type of cancer may behave differently in every patient. Thus cancer is the diagnosis that needs targeted approach more than any other indication. Via our extensive research and clinical network and long-term collaboration with best specialists Bravo Pharma helps patients with severe cancer diagnosis to find the most appropriate evidence-based and scientifically proven cure possible.

Haematology Solutions
Bravo Pharma helps patients and doctors worldwide with diagnostics and treatment of all forms of haematological disorders and malignancies. We can find most innovative and scientifically proven approaches including molecular profiling, cell therapy, in vitro drug testing and bone marrow transplantations. Our research interests in haematology are in finding novel solutions for early detection of haematological malignancies and prediction of people in risk groups.

Personalized Healthcare
Bravo Pharma believes that at any given moment we can do something to improve our health, be it a proper diet, adjustment of lifestyle, use of suitable healthcare products, getting a health assessment and adequate diagnosis, going through a treatment or taking suitable medicines.
The specialists of Bravo Pharma are at your service to support and assist you in your journey to a better health.

Hepatology Solutions
Bravo Pharma offers a world-class team of medical, surgical, and pediatric liver disease specialists. In collaborations with The Center for Liver & Biliary Sciences, Artemis Hospitals we provide personal support, tailor-made diagnostics- and treatment packages, consultancies, second opinions and assessments of existing treatment plans.

Bravo Pharma has the competence to produce high quality medical drugs and food supplements based on latest scientific research. Uniting the best resources and capacities of the countries of our network we can keep the development and production costs reasonable thus making top-level pharmaceuticals widely available and affordable. Bravo Pharma  follows strictly all the rules and regulations of validation, quality control and testing of pharmaceutical products.

Bravo Pharma is dedicated to provide accessible healthcare by shifting geographical boundaries. Our telemedicine centers are equipped with the latest technology allowing to deliver the best possible healthcare at the remotest parts of the world. This solution allows patients to consult any specialist at Bravo Pharma through a tablet, laptop or a smart phone.

Diagnostic Labs & Clinics
Bravo Pharma is working with leading healthcare institutions and backend support from prestigious hospitals, comprehensive diagnostics laboratories and reference laboratories for oncological tests. The laboratories and clinics follow the latest standards in healthcare both in terms of technical capacities as well as client friendliness.

Healthcare Across The Globe
Bravo Pharma believes in connected healthcare solutions. We are focused on the implementation of predictive, preventive and personalized medicine combining the knowledge and skills of different countries and making healthcare accessible for our clients regardless of the country of residence.

Our Portfolio



Bravo Pharma project portfolio includes new solutions for self-testing enabling people to monitor their health condition in the privacy of their homes. Genetic test development involves tests for detecting hereditary diseases, genetic risks and tests for selecting appropriate diet and lifestyle.



An integrated healthcare solutions provider with basket of pharmaceutical products, Bravo Pharma caters to over 45 therapeutic areas that include cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, analgesics, haematinics, anti-infectives and antibiotics, respiratory agents, antidiabetics and immunologicals.



International strategic partnerships are critically important for the success of business development. We are always open to form new long term collaborative relations with research institutions, knowledge-intensive SME-s, big pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical institutions, private researches and medical doctors.
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