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Business and research partnership development world-wide
Collaboration projects with EU research institutions, hospitals and innovative companies • Support to initiating new projects together with partners from EU countries • Partner identification, search and partnership negotiations in EU • Support for accessing new healthcare-related markets in EU, Africa, Central Asia and India.

Cancer research and treatment
Design and monitoring of preclinical and clinical trials • In vivo and in vitro experiments in EU certified laboratories • Clinical trials according to EU regulations • In vitro drug response • Molecular profiling • Assessment of cancer treatment protocol • Second opinions to cancer patients from leading EU hospitals • Assessment of genetical risks of cancer • Immunotherapy and chemotherapy protocols • E-consultancies with leading cancer specialists for cancer patients • Psychological support to cancer patients and their relatives.

Antiobiotics resistancy
NGS of antibiotics resistant bacteria for detecting the genes responsible for resistancy • AMR surveillance and monitoring • AMR surveillance systems for hospitals • Detection of AMR spreading pathways • Novel technologies for treating patients with antibiotics resistant infections.

Applied research and product development in microbiology
Studies of microbiota • Isolation and characterisation of bacterial populations • Development of new treatment platforms and products based on bacteria with proven health benefits • Health and potential health risks assessment based on microbiota studies.

Fight against HIV
Novel tests for detecting HIV in healthcare institutions and/or at home •
Tests for quantitative detection of HIV antibodies for targeted treatment • HIV surveillance • Information dissemination and awareness building regarding HIV • Public awareness campaigns • E-consultancies for patients • E-consultancies for HIV prevention • Psychological support to HIV positive patients and their partners

New Generation Sequencing
NGS are carried out in EU laboratories • NGS platforms are selected with leading specialists in EU • The samples or isolated DNA or isolated RNA is sent to a NGS centre in EU, suitable platform is selected and the results are interpreted by the best specialists in current area.

Health assessment packages in European countries
Medical consultations • Assessment of general health with latest diagnostic possibilities • Assessment of genetic risks • Assessment of metabolic type and advice by nutritional specialist for gaining and maintaining healthy body mass • Assessment of vitamin/mineral levels in blood and genetic preposition for certain vitamin deficiencies • Gut microbiota studies; assessment of current health condition and potential risks • Be healthy-stay healthy packages for women • Be healthy-stay healthy packages for men • Be healthy-stay healthy packages for children • Life-style analyses and recommendations.

Healthy mind packages
• Psychological consultancies
• Psychiatric consultancies
• Psychotherapy  • Life-style analyses and recommendations.

Treatment packages in European countries
Tailor-made packages for people with chronic diseases • Packages for people with higher risks of heart diseases • Packages for people with higher risk of diabetes • Orthopaedics and joint replacements • Packages for people with higher risks of cancer • Personalised cancer treatment • Cancer virotherapy.

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Bravo Pharma project portfolio includes new solutions for self-testing enabling people to monitor their health condition in the privacy of their homes. Genetic test development involves tests for detecting hereditary diseases, genetic risks and tests for selecting appropriate diet and lifestyle.



An integrated healthcare solutions provider with basket of pharmaceutical products, Bravo Pharma caters to over 45 therapeutic areas that include cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, analgesics, haematinics, anti-infectives and antibiotics, respiratory agents, antidiabetics and immunologicals.



International strategic partnerships are critically important for the success of business development. We are always open to form new long term collaborative relations with research institutions, knowledge-intensive SME-s, big pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical institutions, private researches and medical doctors.