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Bravo Exacto HIV Self Test and HIV rapid test for professional use

  • The Bravo Exacto HIV test is a reliable CE-marked self-test for HIV screening. 
  • Exacto HIV test is developed, designed and manufactured in France by company Biosynex.
  • It detects antibodies produced in response to the HIV1 and HIV2 viruses. 
  • Exacto HIV Test is a 3rd generation test meaning that it uses uses synthetic peptides as a HIV specific antigen. It allows to detect multiple classes of antibodies produced in human body as a response to the HIV antigen.
  • Easy to use, the Bravo Exacto HIV test makes it possible to screen for the HIV, following a possible exposure in at least 3 months prior to testing in only 10 minutes.
  • It provides a reliable result from a single droplet of blood.